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Reigniting the charisma of an iconic resort.

The Hotel Del Coronado is an iconic beach resort with a rich history like no other. As they began renovations to the property, we worked with their marketing team to capture videography and imagery that tells the story of its beautiful new spaces and honors the history through curated wardrobes, stylized scenes, and technical shooting throughout the property. Aaaaand…. ACTION!

List of Services

Project Coordination

Refining the Voice

Working with a 130 year old, legendary hotel means understanding the balance between the brand’s roots and the current market. It’s a matter of respecting its rich history while also imagining and crafting its future. We took extra effort when designing The Del’s catalogue to preserve its elegance while still being inventive.

Planning on Planning

Capturing the authentic vibrancy of this high-end hotel required a skilled photo and video team. It took a carefully curated vision board to capture the classic, sensual allure of The Del while maintaining the family appeal. From mid-day activities, to running across the beach at sunset, every scene was carefully designed to showcase the bright, bold visuals found on Coronado Island.

The Truth Is…

We’re not afraid of being different, we are afraid of being the same as everyone else. With a task like revamping this iconic hotel’s photography catalog, we took the risk of diverting from the industry standard of lifestyle photography and pitched a high-fashion, editorial twist. It just so happens that The Del liked living on the edge with us.

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