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A Little Spark of Wonder

WeCreate was thrilled to partner with the Grand Hotel to craft its story and create elevated content that converts for guests and visitors alike. With a hotel so time-honored and often described as "magical", the content needed to be just as grand. Working with the hotel's marketing team, we curated a vision and theme to be told throughout each piece of content. Through story boarding personas, time-period wardrobe inspiration, and marketing goals in mind, we were able to capture not only genuine, magical moments but content that can be used for conversions, bookings, and visits for years to come.

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Project Coordination

Sadie's Ice Cream Parlor

WeCreate was excited to work on such a fun animation project with Grand Hotel for the video unveiling Sadie's Ice Cream Parlor's collaboration with Guernsey Farms. The creative team behind this dynamic digital project crafted a unique narrative featuring hand-illustrated visuals and animation that brings the story of a new local partnership to life. Our talented copywriters tailored the story to fit within the brand messaging of both partners, creating an engaging experience that instantly drew viewers in. With a long and short-form edit, WeCreate created a piece that stands out in today’s highly competitive market.

Story Board for video
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Cork and Fork Logo

Grand Hotel set out to host its first annual wine and food experience. For the inaugural year, the event featured six of the world’s best chefs, the Grand Hotel's own Master Sommelier, and supported women in the culinary industry through their partnership with the James Beard Foundation.

We were tasked with naming and creating a logo identity for the event. We landed on “Cork and Fork” as the primary name with an interchangeable sub-headline, "A Celebration of Female Culinary Talent". The name needed to highlight the culinary experience while being broad enough to support the different causes each year. The accompanying logo design was simple, with an elegant font that spoke to the essence of the event while pairing seamlessly with the well-known hotel logo.

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