Marketing Consultants are the Key to Unlocking Your Goals

Beyond wisdom, experience delivers. Dive into how WeCreate spotlighted Indiana's treasures, securing a striking $6:$1 ROI.

Picture this: You live in an incredible state filled with robust opportunities for natural and urban exploration, hospitable communities, and world-class attractions. This is a destination where families can play, couples can relax and singles can adventure. Sounds pretty enticing, right? This state is arguably one of the country’s best-kept secrets, and therein lies the problem – it’s a secret! Big bummer, right!?

What’s missing from the picture? A partner to tell the story of the state. The great state of Indiana. The storytellers act as the megaphone to destinations and are the engine that fuels visitor attraction and ultimately, revenue to the state’s bottom line, inviting visitors from near and far to partake in the wonder.

And that’s where WeCreate stepped into the picture, as marketing consultants

Enlisting consulting services helps destinations achieve their goals in three essential ways: 

  1. Strategic Planning From Experienced Experts 
  2. Telling Effective Stories
  3. Driving ROI

Let’s learn more about the benefits of marketing consultants as destination growth partners and see a real-life example of how WeCreate is the marketing engine that fuels a $6:$1 return on investment for the Indiana Destination Development Corporation.  

Strategic Planning From Experts

In today’s swiftly evolving marketing world, it’s crucial to have a team of experts well-versed in both marketing and destination development. This ensures that businesses implement strategies genuinely affecting their profitability. From AI to thumb-scrolling trends, these specialists guide your business narrative, helping you secure a market share. Remember, the journey to success starts with a solid strategic plan.

In the strategic planning phase of consulting for Indiana, WeCreate developed a nuts and bolts marketing roadmap; including defining the competitive landscape, buyer personas, image studies, white space in the market, and a full go-to-market plan for media placements. This offered the state a clear analysis of where they were, and what needed to happen for a successful future. 

Telling Effective Stories

Remember the aforementioned “endless opportunities for natural and urban exploration”? Now that a strategic plan is in place, as consultants we advise and implement creative direction for optimum storytelling. You cannot drive successful ROI without first knowing your audience and then showcasing meaningful stories through effective creativity. 

Let’s see how we did this for Indiana. After several rounds of creative brainstorming, image studies, photoshoots, and copywriting sessions, we leveraged both client and customer feedback to develop a campaign that would actually work: IN Indiana.

Your Test Here

IN Indiana not only captures the hospitality of the state but allows visitors and residents to tell their own stories whether they live, work, or play there. From consumer listening, we garnered a 100% positive response to the campaign, confirming that this is an effective message. 

Driving ROI

Now that a strategy is in place and a campaign is developed, we enter arguably the most important phase of the consultancy: driving ROI. In this phase, the roadmap shifts into drive, paid media hits “play” and consumers start seeing ads across a variety of mediums, all targeted by behavior and demographics. 

IN Indiana was deployed across every media placement imaginable: meta, broadcast, print, audio streaming, Google, and YouTube. The results? In the first six months of the campaign, the state garnered a $6 return in tax revenue for every $1 invested. Now that is some ROI to phone home about.

Review some of the key highlights from the campaign’s report card.

Let’s Tell Your Story

At WeCreate we often talk about “the sauce” – and we’ve just unleashed a little bit of that goodness in this very blog. Our team of marketing consultants understands how to unlock growth potential far beyond the ordinary. We are navigators who expertly steer your brand through the fluctuating tides of the marketing world, charting courses toward results that truly count.

Take Indiana, for instance. WeCreate’s Marketing Consulting services didn’t just tell a story; they whispered Indiana’s secrets to the world, unveiling its concealed treasures and beckoning wanderers from all corners to revel in its charm. Our comprehensive and targeted media plan wasn’t just a strategy — it was a performance. And what a performance it was, driving an impressive ROI of $6 in tax revenue for every $1 invested in the campaign.

As we’ve seen with Indiana, marketing consultants aren’t just helpful — they’re transformative. They’re the magic key that unlocks potential, fuels growth and shines a spotlight on the hidden wonders of places waiting to be discovered. 

Let’s embark on this journey together.