Real ROI: Three reasons why marketing will be your best investment of 2024

Why investing in a robust marketing strategy proves to be the key to data-driven sales growth, differentiation in the market, and overall business transformation.

Business owners face many challenges– market uncertainty, financial planning, employee management… the list goes on and on. Yet, one often overlooked aspect is a solid marketing strategy. When I say “marketing strategy,” I’m not talking about a quick 20-minute touch base with your token Gen Z employees on social media. No, no. I’m talking about intentionally setting aside time and money for business consulting services. This intentional investment will break down your company’s strategy in a way that ultimately boosts your ROI. By building a strong marketing foundation, having access to expert industry knowledge, and unlocking, not just creativity, but strategic creativity, you are investing directly in a step-by-step process that results in data-driven sales growth.

Building a Strong Foundation

Without one, anything you build will fall.

I often say, ‘Marketing is an enigma.’ For those not immersed in it daily, it can be confusing. But, just like anything, marketing thrives on effort. If a company avoids investing due to confusion, it won’t prosper. When looking at the top dogs in any industry, marketing is one of the main things that differentiates their business… and it’s only because they have a strong strategy that they invest in. Think about Nike. In this classic 1992 interview, then CEO Phil Knight explains how changing their company from being product-oriented to marketing-oriented was what brought them out of their slump after testing casual footwear in the 80s. They were able to differentiate with strong marketing strategies—celebrity endorsements, innovative launches, and a robust online presence. And even if you can’t spend 1 million dollars on a celebrity to promote your product, if you make purposeful marketing decisions based on leadership alignment that coincides with your 1-3 year business objectives, powerful results follow.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Take it from the pros! 

You wouldn’t trust “Mike from IT” to handle PayRoll, so why is it so common for businesses to hand off marketing tasks to whoever on the team has a lighter workload? Your brand is your identity. Whatever you post online (or lack thereof) directly affects who is purchasing from you. There is a reason why the saying “never judge a company by its website” hasn’t caught on, and it’s because that is the whole reason businesses have websites! Marketing consultants have the experience of providing services to a plethora of businesses and industries that forces them to be well-versed in the latest trends, approaches, and best practices. They are constantly testing new strategies, and their decisions are always data-driven.

Unlocking Strategic Creativity 

Let’s put our thinking caps on. 

In this day and age, being innovative feels almost like a resume requirement. The pressure to always think of something outside the box can often stifle creativity. From our experience, businesses often face two scenarios: either owners and their teams have ideas and ambitions but lack the capacity to execute them, or they are so busy keeping the business running smoothly that innovation and new ideas often take a backseat. Without proper conversation tools, meetings can feel like an endless loop– issues are unresolved, people are constantly going off-topic, side problems are being randomly thrown into the mix, and you end up finishing the meeting right where you began. Sound familiar? But this is at no fault to you or your team! Crafting a space for open conversations that spark new ideas and align with your company’s goals is no small feat. In fact, if not done correctly, it can turn into chaos. Marketing consultants are trained in effective communication, asking strategic questions,  and adept at facilitating discussions around goals and ambitions. The resulting marketing roadmap becomes your secret weapon.

How Agencies Build Efficiency

Let’s get that bag. 

So, how do you even begin to start building such a meaningful strategy? That’s where WeCreate Media comes in. Leaning on a team of marketing professionals who specialize in business consulting services and regularly craft winning marketing strategies is one of the most time-saving and cost-effective ways to transcend your business to the next level. Partnering with us is like a competitive game of tennis: we work back and forth, leveraging our respective skill sets to craft an individualized marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business and industry. There is no point in venturing out on a journey like that on your own! When hiring a marketing consultant, you get to participate in the fun side of marketing– brainstorming and ideation with your team. Leave the research and nitty gritty details to the us and our team to build a plan that works specifically for your company.

No matter the reason you bring in a marketing consultant (brand consulting, holistic marketing consulting, lead generation, product/property roadmaps, etc.), investing in business consulting services will transform your company. It’s 2024! It’s time to take your business to the next level. Invest in something that you will look back on in 30 years with excitement. Because this should be exciting. You’re about to LEVEL UP! 

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