Business Is the Most Powerful Force for Change

Join us on a transformative journey of entrepreneurship in Indiana, where Lower Lincoln offers a vibrant community, resources, and mentorship.

David Bowie said it best: “Turn and face the strange.”  Business is ch-ch-changing and, if you so choose, it’s for the best.  Consumers aren’t spending their money just anywhere in the digital age – they are researching who is doing good, who’s environmentally responsible, and who is creating sustainable products and sourcing local resources.

As a company, we LOVE entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs are the root of philanthropy and are the catalytic individuals that can harness their superpower of investing in their communities.

We were inspired by Steve Case, founder of His venture capitalist company, Revolution, only invests in ideas that will change the world. We first met Steve when working with his wife, Jean, on their non profit foundation, but got heavily involved in 2014 when they launched the Rise of the Rest Fund. At the time, VC’s were investing 75% of capital in only 3 states – Steve was on a mission to give voice to the rest.

Spread and Build Equity

The Rise of the Rest Fund is an investment fund founded by Steve Case in 2014. The goal of the fund is to foster economic growth in areas that have traditionally been overlooked by venture capital and other investors, such as the Midwest and Southeast of the United States. Since its launch, the fund has invested over $180 million into more than 80 startups in over 30 states. The fund has been credited with helping to create jobs, launch innovative businesses, and bring capital investments to these regions. It has also helped to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and other parts of the country by providing access to venture capital for promising startups outside of major tech hubs.

The Rise of the Rest Fund is a great example of how investors can work to create opportunities for businesses in areas that are often overlooked. By investing in these regions, the fund has created jobs, launched innovative businesses, and provided access to capital for startups outside of major tech hubs.

Well, the world has taken notice. You can read more about this in his recent book, “Rise of the Rest”. Now, investment is being spread more equitably across America, and these businesses are investing back in their local communities, contributing to net-new job growth, and literally changing the world.

Helping Communities Rise

At the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our communities and those around us. It should come as no surprise that real entrepreneurs are those who prioritize selflessness over selfishness. True entrepreneurs put passion into action to make a positive impact on their environment through innovative products, services, and solutions. 


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With the world changing and consumers becoming more conscious about where they spend their money, it’s clear that business is evolving. It’s not just about making money anymore; it’s about making a positive impact. This belief resonates deeply with us at Lower Lincoln – the innovative entrepreneurship support organization in our hometown.

We are firm believers in the power of entrepreneurs to bring about change, both locally and globally. Just like Steve Case, we recognize that entrepreneurs are the catalysts for investing in their communities and driving philanthropy. They have the ability to turn and face the strange, to embrace the evolving landscape of business, and to create sustainable and socially responsible products and services.

Inspired by this movement, Lower Lincoln aims to replicate its success in our hometown community. We have seen firsthand how the Rise of the Rest Fund has leveled the playing field, spreading investment more equitably across America. Now it’s our turn to nurture entrepreneurship, create opportunities, and foster economic growth right here in Valparaiso, Indiana.

A Supportive Space for Prosperity

Through Lower Lincoln, we will provide a vibrant ecosystem of support, resources, and mentorship for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. Supported by organizations like Notre Dame, Northwest Indiana Forum, One Region, and Valparaiso University, we are connecting homegrown entrepreneurs with industry experts, providing access to funding opportunities, and offering comprehensive business development programs. Our goal is to recruit and empower local entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to life, fueling job creation, and making a lasting impact in our community.

At the heart of it all, true entrepreneurs prioritize selflessness over selfishness. They understand that success goes beyond financial gains and embrace the idea that businesses with priorities beyond profit can be catalysts for generational impact. Lower Lincoln aims to foster this mindset, encouraging entrepreneurs to put their passion into action and drive positive change.

Join the Journey of Transformation

The rise of entrepreneurship in our hometown is no longer a distant dream. With Lower Lincoln as the driving force, we are committed to nurturing and supporting our local entrepreneurs as they strive to create innovative products, services, and solutions that will shape a better future for our community and beyond.

Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace the changing tides of business and champion the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Together, we can build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and make a lasting impact on our beloved hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana… and be on the lookout for how this expands throughout the rest of the Midwest!