Hey! I'm Hey! I'm Kelly Papp and I'm the Creative Copywriter.

Copywriter + Social Media Coordinator
With over 12 years in both the corporate and small business worlds, Kelly has always had the opportunity to dive into new roles and develop them into key positions of growth. Starting in training and development with Walgreen Co., she quickly learned her love and appreciation for the English language (she does give an F about an Oxford Comma, after all).

After moving from "big city living" in Chicago to raising her family in the All-American city of Crown Point, IN, Kelly had the opportunity to work for businesses at the local level. Always having been in Honors and AP English, it took her until moving to figure out creative copywriting was her true calling (thanks, Mrs. Maluchnik). Often referred to as "The Copy Queen", Kelly secretly gets excited correcting people's grammar (sick, right?).

Lover of all things pineapple, Kelly dreams of retiring to Hawaii and opening a pineapple drink stand (investors welcome). If she’s not playing referee to her 2 rambunctious boys (3, if you count her husband), Kelly enjoys running a 5K everyday. This gives her not only inspiration for WeCreate projects, but a mental break from the welcome chaos called life. With idols like Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Kelly is known for her quick wit. Ready to jump in with a movie quote or inappropriate commentary, her goal is to always get a laugh... a smile will also suffice. Her husband is still trying to get her to try out improv — until then, her family and friends are her stage.