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Kelly Papp

Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Hey! I’m Kelly Papp, and I’m the Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator at WeCreate.

As the resident copywriter, I oversee all facets of copy, from creative copywriting for ad campaigns, social media, email marketing, and web to proofreading and editing.

Top Skillsets
Wilhelmina Shakespeare

After graduating with a Marketing degree from Drake University, I worked for 8 years at Walgreen Co. Corporate Headquarters, starting as a sales coordinator for business development and finishing my time there in training and development. I started my agency experience in 2019, where my journey as an "official" copywriter began. My exposure was mainly around social media and evolved very quickly, as I was able to showcase my expertise as a copywriter. This takes us to the present day and WeCreate, where my abilities have continuously grown and evolved, and I'm at the happiest point in my professional career that I've ever been.

Notable Clients

Walgreen Co., Rōti, Ultima Replenisher, Indiana Destination Development Corporation, Moxy Hotels, Zachari Dunes on Mandalay Beach Resort

The Woman Behind the Quill Pen
Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
Baking, running, trying new food/restaurants, playing cards & doing puzzles with my boys, and spending time vacationing when we can!
Who would play me in a movie:
Kristen Wiig
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Florence, Italy
My WeCreate Superlative:
Commence the Awesomeness (CTA)
Dream client(s) I’d love to work with:
Lilly Pulitzer; Veuve Clicquot