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Katie Fentress

President / COO

Hey! I’m Katie Fentress, and I’m the President / COO at WeCreate.

My number one priority is to integrate all major operating functions of the business in alignment with our Core Values. The one who holds everything together, I'm accountable for the execution of our business plan and P&L results.

Top Skillsets
Madame President

My young career started in the Automotive Industry, where I held a Finance Director position. There, I learned a lot about sales and how to run a department, but most importantly – a lot about people. From there, I went on to own small, local business, where I really drilled into the ins and outs of business, learned to be an active contributor to my community, and how to build a great team. I became really interested in Digital Marketing and how it all worked, so I then worked for a digital marketing corporation in sales and account management, where I learned how to speak to and reach your market as a business owner. Additionally, I gained a lot of insight as to how businesses of all types and sizes are run successfully. I tapped into the creative industry as an Account Manager and instantly fell in love – I love how challenging and dynamic it actually is. Most importantly, I fell in love with being around creatives who saw the world so much differently than I did. This industry has given me a lot of business insight, working so closely with clients, but the one trend I found in all of the roles I've held that was most enjoyable was learning about people.

Notable Clients

Chrysler Capital, Daimler Chrysler, White Lodging, Fair Oaks Farm, Core Power, all of WeCreate's client list.

The Person Behind The Bat
Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
A sports mom, enjoy working out, and love sunshine
Who would play me in a movie:
Jennifer Aniston
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Cabo San Lucas
My WeCreate Superlative:
North Star