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Johnsie Mays

Account Manager

Hey! I’m Johnsie Mays, and I’m an Account Manager here at WeCreate.

At WeCreate, I get to be part of transforming our clients' dreams & visions into successful campaigns. I love growing relationships while ensuring the success everyone involved.

Top Skillsets

The Path So Far...

My career path is what most would called diverse and unconventional! I actually started out managing production for corporate events in large hotels in Vegas. It was here that I learned the importance of converting client's ideas into visual realities. After the 2008 recession, I was transferred to Chicago and continued production work. Soon after this, I made my way into the health and wellness industry, managing sales for the Midwest. I spent most of my time with retail chains, developing optimized strategies that created best successes for their markets. After nearly 13 amazing years in that industry, I'm now here at WeCreate where all my experience melds together to help brands create lasting and significant impacts!

Notable Clients

House of Blues, Little Caesars, Fruitful Yield, Garden of Life

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Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
Laughing with my wife and two sons, building things with wood, and hanging at the gym early in the morning.
Who would play me in a movie:
Kyle Howard
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Nashville (I'm a music lover)
Why WeCreate?
I love Culture and Opportunity.
Dream client(s) I’d love to work with:
Red Bull Racing, Erwin McManus, Anyone with Huge Dreams