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Hey! I'm Jacob Meyer and I'm the Director Of Web at WeCreate.

Director of Web

As Director of Web I oversee all website development and SEO projects both internally and for our clients. I also work alongside our marketing team to see that all our digital campaigns run smoothly.

From Butcher Boy to Whizbot

My first job in high school was in a butcher shop. I cleaned up all the awful bits of machinery and the entire store (bone saws and all). It was humbling and I still haven't had a job that was physically harder or more demeaning. I had a short stint in a bakery, but after that, I was a delivery driver for quite a few years through college. I grinded through enough double shifts to go backpacking through Europe. When I returned from my trip I married the love of my life. After bouncing around schools a bit I hunkered down at a local community college to start a professional career path in marketing. Eventually, I landed a job at a digital marketing agency as an account manager. While there I worked full time and went to night school to get my bachelor's degree. After getting my degree, I ended up as the director of marketing for a commercial photography studio. When COVID happened, I switched to a more remote line of work and jumped at the opportunity to work with WeCreate. I am loving it here, and there is no bone saw for miles.

The Person Behind the Code

When I’m not staring into my monitor I love having fun outside with my family (walks, parks, day trips, road trips, etc), playing guitar, listening to audiobooks, and watching fantasy shows with my wife. I am also passionate for learning about the bizarre nature of reality from metaphysics to psi research. If it's spooky, I dig it.