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Elisha McGanal (Eli)

CCO & Principal

Hey! I’m Eli, and I’m the CCO & Principal at WeCreate.

I manage the product of WeCreate by leading the creative and strategy/marketing teams. I mentor team members and am responsible for bringing the big ideas and quality control. I'm also pretty good at the song and dance and helping clients love WeCreate.

Top Skillsets
Jack of All Trades

Eli is an industry disrupter whose adaptable approach to marketing and open-source content has proven itself time and time again in consumer testing and campaign adoption. With over 25 years of experience in developing award-winning advertising/marketing campaigns and events for Fortune 500 firms and brands across travel, destination/economic development, lifestyle, and health, Eli guides the big-picture strategy by implementing step-by-step methods that successfully bring creative ideas to life. As a leader, he empowers teams to find solutions and is passionate about nourishing a strong, collaborative culture where people and innovation can thrive.

Notable Clients

Hilton, Barton G, Natrol, American Airlines, Miller Brewing Company, Kmart, Burger King, Chrysler, Domino’s Pizza, Verizon Wireless

The Man Behind the Stache
Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
Painting (mostly rodents), traveling, hiking with the pups, camping, reading a lot of books (mostly about work stuff, but some personal enrichment, too), remodeling homes for fun
Who would play me in a movie:
Sam Elliott or Bradley Cooper (both can pull off a mustache)
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Tough one! Barcelona/Sitges if we're going pure city + food relationship; The Ring of Fire if we’re going nature
My WeCreate Superlative:
Emotional Support Human
Dream client(s) I’d love to work with:
Puerto Rico