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Hey! I'm Dawn Hudson and I'm the Executive Assistant at WeCreate.

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant to WeCreate CEO Wade Breitzke, Dawn handles things like schedules, meetings, and time management before he knows he needs it. In addition, Dawn is available to the team in a way that efficiently gets tasks done that involve the CEO. If someone wants to get to Wade, you are going to have to go thru Dawn first!

An Eye for Organization

Dawns first dip into a creative line of work started after high school when she was a photographer at Sears, eventually landing a management position at the photography department at JCPenny. When she took a position at NUVEW, a web development and design company, she didnt think her calling would be as a personal assistant. Transitioning into an executive assistant role, Dawn found her passion in organizing and facilitating the lives of others so that the team as a whole could flourish.

Outside WeCreate

Outside of WeCreate Dawn enjoys being outdoors- as long as you count being in the pool or on her deck as outdoors. An aspiring reader, Dawn wants to dedicate more time to her passion for literature when she isnt being a mom to her 2 kids. A proud cook, Dawn likes to create something yummy, and then share it with friends and family. When shes not organizing lives or seeking adventure, which she tries to do as much as possible, you can catch her relaxing at home watching a movie with her family.