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Hey! I'm Brittany Morris and I'm the Project Coordinator at WeCreate.

Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator, my job is to support the team, oversee projects, meet deadlines, and do all that efficiently and on budget. I really love to learn and succeed! New growth is something that has always inspired me and this position will always call for a new skill to be learned and a challenge to overcome.

She Gets Everything Rolling

I have worn many hats! After a stint as a hair stylist, I decided to get my Bachelor's in English. I worked with an auto finance company as an account manager--managing 275+ auto dealers by training newbies on the system, soft selling, and working to keep each dealership updated with new integrations. Then, I moved to Nashville and took a position at a performing rights organization, where I licensed businesses to use and perform music while educating them on copyright law. After a friend started a business and offered me a management position, I got back into the auto industry where everyday was a complete grind with cold calls and meeting metrics. After a year or so, I discovered my niche was detail work - the ability to keep organized while also keeping coworkers on target. I took a web management position where I organized each day for our team, created new processes to make things easier while working on cost analysis, inventory, and updating our daily goals. But then, I reached the ceiling and knew I had no more growth left at the company. Now, I am excited and ready to join the WeCreate team as a project coordinator.

The Person Off The Project

My love language is quality time, so anytime I'm with my husband, family, or friends, it's a great day! We can be doing the most mundane thing, but if I'm with someone, I'm probably loving every second talking, listening and learning.