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Ben Blohm

Senior Project Manager

Hey! I’m Ben Blohm, and I’m the Senior Project Manager at WeCreate.

I oversee all projects at WeCreate. That means I build timelines, manage budgets, facilitate communications, troubleshoot challenges, and support our team.

Top Skillsets
Heart of WeCreate

I graduated from Indiana University in 2008. I have over 10 years of experience working in the marketing world and have worked closely with clients ranging from a small ice cream shop to the State of Indiana.

Notable Clients

Indiana Destination Development Corporation, The Grand Hotel, Zachari Dunes on Mandalay Beach Resort

The Man Behind the Globe
Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
Walking my dog, being slept on by my cats, traveling with my wife, going to the movies, podcasting, volunteering, and eating
Who would play me in a movie:
Nicolas Cage
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Triberg, Germany in the Black Forest
My WeCreate Superlative:
Heart & Soul
Dream client(s) I’d love to work with:
Ben and Jerry’s