Hey! I'm Natalia Schubkegel and I'm the Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator
At the ripe young age of 17, Natalia came to WeCreate as an intern. Nothing like throwing "the intern" into the deep end, Natalia was tasked with building a website with zero direction. Bing, bang, boom: she built it out all on her own and only continued to rule the roost from there.

As our Developer + Content Manager, Natalia also uses her Jedi skills to train future Jedi Masters (aka interns) to continue her legacy. Fueled by detailed research, she brings beautiful designs to life through thoughtful, tangible products and websites. With the perfect balance of right-brain and left-brain, there isn’t a problem she can’t solve.

Have a Zoom call with Natalia? Prepare for her wee lil kitty, Sylvie, to randomly jump up on her shoulder mid-conversation and absolutely melt your heart. When she’s not tangled in "the web" (see what we did there?), you can catch Natalia in some mean ping pong playing action (maybe something to do with her right-brain/left-brain conundrum). She really embraces her Latina heritage by listening to Spanish Pop and watching telenovelas (it's educational, for sure).