Hey! I'm Logan Castro and I'm the Photographer and Copywriter

Brand Strategist + Photographer
Logan Castro is The Writer of Words, Keeper of Pocket Knives, Wearer of Cowboy Hats, Master of Sticky Notes, and The Office First Responder. As our resident Copywriter, he creates emotional, client-focused copy that brings heart to the brands he works with and tears to the eyes of his readers (we aren’t sure about that last one…but we’d like to think).

Born and raised in Chesterton, he grew up with a myriad of hobbies and passions that helped mold him as a blossoming creative. His early love for the outdoors would serve as an inspiration for a wide variety of activities he would be involved in throughout his life. Logan taught himself photography in highshool and has been working as a freelance photographer for over 5 years, shooting everything from weddings to products to sunsets on Lake Michigan.

His spirit animal? A bear, obviously. In high school, he traveled all around the country with his Boy Scout Troop, mountain climbing in multiple states, sailing the Bahamas, white water rafting in West Virginia, and backpacking through much of the midwest and east coast. In 2014, he received the rank of Eagle. Taking this travel bug into adulthood, he has traveled to Alaska, and has made more than a few trips to Canada. He visits our neighbors to the north every summer on an annual fishing trip with his some of his best friends from high school.

You may ask yourself why he chose lavender as his accent color. Well, like any good storyteller, he’s got a story for that…

His first job was working as a farm hand. Over the course of six, labor intensive years he would eventually manage the farm, leading a whole cast of characters working the land by his side. Here he was executive bee-keeper, champion log-splitter, and master seed-planter. He cherished working outside everyday, and over the years he developed deep respect for working with his hands and a stark appreciation for the land he cared for day in and day out. During this time as farm manager, Logan was crowned “Lavender King” in 2017 when he grew lavender at his old farm. It also helps he loves lavender scented candles and lotion.