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Emma Nussbaum


Hey! I’m Emma Nussbaum, and I’m the Producer at WeCreate.

I am an in-house producer at WeCreate! I work primarily with our Projects and Creative teams to ensure that details, budgets, people and places are considered and cared for in all things production.

Top Skillsets
Storytelling At Its Finest

My career path has been a slow transition from "talent" to "behind the table." I started as an actress - working and studying nationally and internationally with a focus in musical theater stage acting. Since then, I made my way into audio storytelling via the podcasting space, and now I work on all forms of storytelling - audio, photo and video.

Notable Clients

Moody Radio, Practicing the Way, Tyler Staton, and Reward Sibanda.

Get To Know Emma
Outside of WeCreate, I’m:
Leading worship at church, long walks on the Chicago lakefront, baking all sorts of goodies!
Who would play me in a movie:
Kristen Bell
Favorite place I’ve ever been:
Zermatt, Switzerland
What is your favorite beverage?
Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke
Dream client(s) I’d love to work with:
The Biltmore, Mike Cosper, Drury Lane Theater, The Goodman Theater