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Hybrid - Must reside in NWI/Greater Chicago Region or Nashville

Job Overview:

Brand Strategists are the core of the Strategy team, working closely together with Account Managers, Marketing Managers and Social Media Managers to develop methods to enhance a brand’s visibility and market share. They conduct rigorous analysis and market research to understand the brand, its target audience, the behaviors of the audience, emotional drivers, and all of the best ways to communicate and engage with those people, then using that information they develop marketing strategies that raise brand awareness, drive customer growth, improve a brand’s positioning, and generate revenue. Brand strategists balance creative, analytics and strategic thinking in a fast-paced environment.

Key Functions & Responsibilities:
      • Develop brand stories and strategies.
      • Combine analytics & creative elements to strategically position brands.
      • Deliver set-apart ideas and concepts to clients.
      • Conduct research on current marketing strategies, trends, and target audiences.
      • Gather and assess data to measure brand recognition and engagement.
      • Generate plans to improve marketing strategies.
      • Examine current marketing and branding trends within the industry.
      • Prepare brand strategy documents and write copy for marketing collateral.
      • Develop a client’s voice for consistent tone in copy.
      • Present findings, concepts and progress to clients.
      • Work closely with clients to fine-tune messaging throughout the process.
      • Collaborate with the Creative Team to ensure that materials adhere to client guidelines and brand strategy.
      • Collaborate with the Web Team for development and optimization of client websites and landing pages as necessary to ensure deliverables are in line with client strategy to best speak to target audiences.
      • Apply insights from the Growth Team to future campaign work and creative brief development.
          Skills & Qualifications:
              • Excellent strategic thinker.
              • Ability to identify and understand client brand goals and objectives.
              • Able to develop big-picture strategies and develop in-line marketing plans.
              • Ability to translate insights into specific and actionable strategies.
              • Ability to use various methodologies to analyze markets and demographic data, create personas, and build marketing strategies
              • Excellent creative, imaginative storytelling abilities.
              • Highly-skilled communicator.
              • Able to write short and long-form compelling copy in different styles and voices.
              • Master of impactful words and vocabulary that define a brand and compel customers to act.
              • Possesses wit, originality and depth of knowledge.
              • Able to communicate detailed strategy details and show logical reasoning behind the plan of action.
              • Follows and predicts trends in the marketplace and target audience that influence strategy.